Enviroterm Sdn Bhd

Since 1996, Enviroterm Sdn Bhd is a major leader in environmental control in healthcare, we carry the world-renowned brands from Genano Technology and TSI PresSura.

These two products are indispensable to minimise HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections):

To realise hospitals’ promise for a safe and pleasant air quality for inpatients, we introduce Genano 5250 Air Decontamination Unit, it has amazing capacity to eliminating up to 99.5% nano particles, kills microbes and even remove odour and harmful gases.

TSI PresSuraTM Room Pressure is a proven solution:  It diligently monitors and maintains positive pressure to keep contaminant out from isolation rooms, and vice-versa for protected rooms. Temperature and humidity controls ensures environment in operating theatres are adhere to medical safety standard.