Ergotron Inc.

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Ergotron supports care everywhere with ergonomic healthcare products that enhance workflow and drive a positive patient experience and engagement. Our portfolio of adjustable mobile computer carts and documentation stations allow clinicians to input data accurately, securely and comfortably, helping provide the best care in the best way. Ergotron service contracts protect your IT investment, minimizing downtime and maximizing stakeholder satisfaction.

We’re committed to making ergonomics affordable for all computer users. With a human-centered design, each mount or cart—for computer monitors, notebooks, and tablet PCs—allow computer systems to be easily and ergonomically positioned for any nurse, minimizing space requirements and maximizing efficiency to help create the connection between caregiver, patient and their information.

Our products allow quick adjustment so users can easily maneuver to the point of patient care or any open space. The truly ergonomic designs and space-saving technologies create comfortable work environments and workflows for nurses and physicians.

With more than 30 years of experience in creating ergonomic solutions for computer users worldwide, Ergotron can help you configure options and design workstations that fit workflows throughout the entire facility. For more information about Ergotron’s healthcare products, visit http://healthcare.ergotron.com