First Ambulance Services Sdn Bhd

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First Ambulance was acquired in 2016 by Falck A/S, a Nordic-based Assistance, Emergency, Healthcare and Training organization, operating in 44 countries on six continents and is supported by more than 38,000 employees. As part of the Falck family, we operate under the emergency division of Falck with an ambition to leverage on the current market position to establish the leading ambulance provider on a national scale. Falck operates the world’s largest intercontinental ambulance fleet and provides emergency medical services to the general public in close collaboration with the authorities and private industry, which last year responded to well over four million emergencies.

In addition to which we also provide a large number of other prehospital services and on-site based clinics including emergency preparedness for community events and rapid response units with paramedics, nurses and doctors. All these activities are built on a fundamental vision that Falck consists of people helping people. For more information visit www.falck.com