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HorecaBid.com is a cloud based B2B technology network economy platform (AI and Big Data enabled) for hospitals and hotels.   The platform helps buyers from hospitals & hotels to save costs, increase efficiency & productivity (80% increase), and obtain more competitive prices.  Our customers using our platform has obtained a return on investment (ROI) of over 1000%.

HorecaBid.com comes with comprehensive sourcing tools which help buyers to reduce their time in sourcing from weeks to minutes, do a comparison of thousands of prices within seconds, request for samples, conduct online price negotiation with multiple suppliers, perform online workflow approval and provide analytics for buying decision making.  HorecaBid.com also has a growing pool of suppliers from ASEAN. Suppliers connected to our platform get to meet all our buyers and also receive business leads on a regular basis.

HorecaBid.com network platform has already successfully processed nearly 3000 tenders worth US$30 million.