Institut Jantung Negara (IJN)

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Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), Malaysia’s premier heart specialist centre, is the perfect embodiment of a homegrown success story that is driven by committed, caring and concerned IJNers who are all on the same page in realizing the Institute’s vision as a global centre of excellence in cardiovascular and thoracic care.

A snapshots of IJN’s services and facilities:

  • A comprehensive range of services for cardiovascular medicine that IJN specializes in, both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including cardiac surgery for open heart, closed heart, thoracic and transplants.
  • A wide variety of treatment options for heart conditions ranging from the simplest hole in the heart surgery to the most complex heart transplants.
  • A range of services from diet advice to heart screening to cardiac rehabilitation.
  • A one-stop centre for all heart care requirements complete with Specialist clinics such as the Respiratory Clinic, Diabetes Clinic, Quit Smoking Clinic and a Wellness Centre.
  • An International Patient Centre (IPC) to cater for international patients and facilitate patient preparations that require visa and immigration assistance, medical coordination, hospital admissions and discharges as well as travel- related assistance, among others.

IJN’s string of strengths and achievements, include amongst others:

  • Highly competent medical team with proven experience in handling emergencies and even the most complicated cases in state- of the-art facilities.
  • Pioneered several firsts in cardiovascular and thoracic healthcare and training programmes, making it the premier go to centre in the ASEAN region and the world.
  • The only institution in the country that is wholly dedicated to cardiac treatment for both adult and paediatric patients.
  • From 1992-2015, served more than 3 million patients which over 273002 have been treated in their wards, performed 76,125 surgeries, and 187,767 interventional cardiology procedures.
  • During the same period, performed 16,766 paediatric cardiothoracic surgeries and 15,262 paediatric cardiology invasive procedures at the Paediatric Congenital Heart Centre.

As Malaysia’s premier and South East Asia’s largest Cardiac Centre, IJN is aggressively growing its presence, locally and regionally, on the back of a proven and respected brand name that is synonymous with quality heart healthcare.