Medico Sdn Bhd

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Medico Sdn Bhd is an established company distributing medical disposables to all hospitals in Malaysia. In recognition of its excellent service and products, Medico Sdn Bhd has been awarded Bestbrands in Healthcare Disposable/Equipment by BrandLaureate in 2017. Visitors are welcomed to learn more about our latest innovative products. We are also the distributor for Glustitch skin adhesive glue.




Medico Sdn Bhd has been appointed as the distributor for Glustitch, a superior surgical glue/ topical wound adhesive. Glustitch is highly suitable for users to replace the use of suture. We welcome visitors to view and learn the utmost advantages of this product. The high practicality and cost saving aspect of this product make it a unique option to replace conventional methods.



MediZar® Anti-Microbial Hard Surface disinfectants are certified to kill the deadly E.Coli & MRSA within 30 seconds, and will kill 99.9999% of all bacteria, viruses etc which cause workplace and Hospital Acquired Infections.

MediZar® hard surface disinfectants will continue to offer 100% protection for up to 30 days even when dry against tested bacteria.