Meditop Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (A subsidiary of TOP Corporation, Japan)

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We “TOP Corporation” are manufacturer of Medical devices in Japan and Malaysia. MEDITOP Corporation (Malaysia) SDN. BHD. is our subsidiary company in Malaysia. Our headquarters, TOP Corporation was established in 1940 to produce a single perfect syringe.  Our Company is a leading manufacturer medical devices that supplies a range of integrated products and systems to the global medical community.

And, today, we are a leading company which supplies good quality medical devices.
The main products are as below:-

  • Infusion Pumps (Model TOP-2300 / MJ-200)
  • Syringe Pumps  (Model TOP-5530, TOP-5520, TOP-5510)
  •  PCA Syringe Pump (Model TOP-5520)
  • Injection Devices (Syringe and Needle)
  • IV Devices (Solution Infusion Set, Extension Tube, 3-Way Stopcock, Extension Tube With 3-Way Stopcock,  Scalp Vein Set, IV Catheter)
  • Safety IV Devices (Safety Type Scalp Vein Set, Needle-less Infusion Set, 3-Way Stopcock, Extension Tube and Connector)
  • Enteral Feeding Devices (NEOFEED  Extension Tube,  NEOFEED 3-Way Stopcock, NEOFEED Feeding Catheter, NEOFEED Syringe, NEOFEED Feeding Set, NEOFEED Feeding Bottle)
  • Catheters/Tubes (Nelaton Catheter,  Suction Catheter,  Connector, Stomach Catheter)
  • Devices For Endoscopy (Endoscopic Puncture Needle for Esophagus, for Upper/Lower Digestive Tract for small intestine Marking/Local Injection, Endoscopic Mouthpiece)
  • Devices For Angiography (Injector Needle for CT, Injector Needle with 3-Way Stopcock for CT, Pressure –Resistant 3-Way Stopcock, Extension Tube for Injector, Extension Tube with 3-Way Stopcock-Injector Type for CT, Angiographic Tube, Manifold Kit/Pack,  Angiographic Syringe)
  • Devices for Anaesthesia (Epidural Anaesthesia Kit, Epidural Anaesthesia Kit  for Single Shot, LOR Glass Syringe, Epidural Needle, Epidural Needle for single shot, Spinal Needle, Spinal Needle Pencil Point Type )

We have been successful in Medical device business not only in Japan but also in South East Asian countries such as India, Thailand and so on.